KERATOX  began with our vision and our values. From the start we’ve been the leader in ‘the science of hair’. The concept is very simple; develop and deliver new and creative ideas to a global market place Keratox is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Cosmeceuticals researched amino acids derived from  natural ingredients through an environmentally-friendly process, keratox was delivered.

KERATOX operates in all areas of the “wire correcting” severe damage mainly caused by oxidative processes. Straightening, coloring, discoloration, UV radiation exposure cause damage to cellular cement and protein denaturtion. Such damage can be irreversible, causing weight loss and breakage of the wire. LipomaxNutrix engages in internal and external regeneration effectively wire, replenishing essential nutrients and compounds for wire integrity.

Keratox offers a new perspective for professional grade cosmetics use. Cosmetics, by definition, only have the beautifying function and surface action. The Cosmeceutic Technology Keratox presents bioactive that benefits the skin of the scalp, bulb and capillary fiber. The healthy scalp determines the healthy growth, brightness, controlled drop and wire resistance.

The Re-cover System developed by Keratox has a key role in wiring integrity protection and maintenance. Re-Cover System combines lipids and high affinity polymers with wires, enabling them to perform the same function as the natural lipid barrier, but tougher. Re-cover system makes hair resistant to unnatural wear. It promotes shine, water retention, ease and smoothness with immediate action.

Technology comprising sericin nanoparticles. It comprises cationic nanoparticles of sericin.These nanoparticles adhere to the surface of the hair cuticle promoting sealing and replacement of protein mass. The result is a greater wire surface coverage capabiltiy, with extreme precision and even distribution, repairing damaged scales and generating brightness as a result of surface effects of deposited nanoparticles.

Its function is to enhance the repair and treatment of hair at the cellular level. Its composition has alpha-hydroxyacids, amino acid precursors that act synergistically with other repairing assets. With low molecular weight and high ionic charge. It is directly involved in ionic bonding of the threads, allowing an intense restoration.