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The Moisturizing Conditioner is infused with a potent blend of natural extracts that help the hair grow strong and beautiful. Moreover, the rarity in its exquisite fragrance gives the hair a uniquely alluring scent.

To create simple chic healthy hair use the Keratox Conditioner and indulge in soft satin like hair. The exquisite formula in this product protects the hair from damage and provides superior moisturizing and cleansing with blend of oils  anti-aging amino acids

Deeply nourishes, eliminates roughness. revealing shiny, silky and loose hair. The merge of noble oils and cosmeceutical actives promotes a rich treatment and immediate effect. Anti-age effect

The merger of the fine oils of argan and macadamia nut in Nano mite microcapsules that offer the best of both oils and natural bring benefits never before explored.

Step 1: Apply to wet hair.
Step 2: Massage to through mid-lengths and ends.
Step 3: Rinse well, finish and style with KT Aftercare products.


The line carbon life is a treatment efficient and fast and detoxification of the scalp. Ideal for hair that are weakened, without brightness and falling steadily. Has assets cosmecêuticos like ginger and a balanced dose of mentha piperita refreshing, which stimulate micro-peripheral circulation on the scalp providing better nutrition for the hair bulb, this synergy (freshness and increased blood circulation of the scalp) promotes the absorption of nutrients Present In Formula (amino acids and d-Panthenol) between the root and the wires, saddle the scales favouring the rapid growth of healthy hair and the production of new yarn strong and resistant to fall.

Hair therapy that helps in the growth and treats the scalp. Cosmeceutical treatment which favours the irrigation of the hair bulb, proven efficacy in combating fall and aid in the healthy growth of the wires.Indicated for oily hair, leather with alopecia, dermatitis and dandruff. The Hair Carbon Life works by stimulating the scalp for stronger and healthier strands, balances oiliness, combat thinning and volume loss. Promotes visible revitalization of the hair and scalp.


Cosmeceutical, Heat control, Pro-fiber, Ago technology, Botanical , Brazil nut extract.
With anageline , rosemary , Chamomile , ginger , mauve ,Guarana ,juá powder , aloe vera ,menthol


Step 1: Apply Deep cleansing  to damp hair massaging gently and the rinse it  after 10 minutes
Step2:  Apply Fresh shampoo to damp hair concentrate on the scalp of the hair and massage in circular motion for five minutes till a cooling cauterization is felt and then rinse it.
Step 3:  Apply Intensive conditioner starting from the scalp and following to the full length of the hair to the ends and threads of the hair  leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly
Step 4 :  Apply the Mask Revitalizing through hair full hair lengths and scalp and let it act for 1 twenty minutes with a cap and leave it under a dryer and rinse it.
Step 5:  To complement the pro-growth treatment and hair fall control use the hair tonic by spraying it on the scalp to end the treatment and use it as a home care to help for permanent results.

Indication: Cosmeceuticals detox to the scalp and overloaded hair, oily, lifeless and deteriorated.


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