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Now you can prolong your treatment of  the KERATOX to eight months by using the product to increase the shine and brightness along with taming effects.

It is a powerful cuticle sealer for all hair types, giving back the brightness and vitality of the Hair  lifeless wires. It Closes the entire cuticle of the hair fiber, providing wires with more vitality and natural shine. It has Cell Perfector technology that recovers and restores wires from root to tip.

The finishing with this treatment is indispensable, because it seals the result richly with the restoration of the cortex fibers, the silky finish is conferred through an activated blend creating a solid layer on the surface of the hair redoing the ionic relations broken by the aggressions, a mixture of amino acids contribute to the cohesion of hair hydrogen bonds. It offers extra protection, professional realizes that the fiber gains resistance, elasticity for modeling brushes.


Step 1: With your hair still wet, apply a small amount (approximately 10ml) of the product, first spreading in your hands and apply the entire length of the wires as usual in a pre-brush finisher. Use a comb to make sure to spread application on the hair.

Step 2:  Start brushing at medium to high temperature until desired result. Notice the resulting  magical brilliance and strength of the recovered strands.

Step 3: If you want a higher volume control, Apply the product pass the Flat Iron at a temperature below 180 ° C.

Enriched with: D-Panthenol (brightness and hydration) enables the hair to be smooth and tamed for six to eight months after the keratox taming treatment

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300 ml, 500 ml


1000ml, 300ml


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